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I am looking for an interactive and animated platform? HTML5 or Flash?


I haven't been keeping up with the play but I know basic HTML
and a little of actionscript.
Can someone tell me which one I should learn?
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Gurvinder Pal SinghCommented:
if its a mobile application, then go for HTML5
HTML5 is likely to become more and more important as time goes on, but the W3C (the body that sets standards for the Internet) don't plan to finalise the specs / standards of HTML5 until 2014.

The big sticking point for HTML5 at the moment (apart from the fact that it is not actually a standard yet) is that those people who still use Windows XP. XP still accounts for 40% of all Windows users, and in a world where 93% of all computers run Windows, that means about 37% of all computers in the world (40% of 93%) are still on XP.

If those XP users have stayed with Internet Explorer as their browser, then they cannot run HTML5, since the only version of IE that runs HTML5 is IE9, and IE9 doesn't work on Windows XP.

XP users are free, of course, to install another browser that does run HTML5, but the likelihood is that anyone who is still on XP is either a computer novice (your mum? your grandma?) or they are using it in a corporate environment where they are not free to install any software they like. Either way, the chances are that most XP users are not running another browser.

Some people have said that Flash is dead or dying. I don't agree. Flash is still the easiest way to do interactivity and rich media on the web. 94%+ of all computers can run Flash, and virtually all new Android devices, both phones and tablets, do too.

The *only* time you need to leave Flash behind is if you want to write content for Apple iOS devices (iphone, ipad). And although these devices are successful, they are still a very small fraction of the devices that access the web. This number may change - indeed it has been changing as more mobile devices are used to browse the web. But it also seems likely (if current trends continue) that the dominant operating system in the mobile space will *not* be iOS, but Android. Although Apple sells some of the most popular *individual* devices, they are in second place behind Android for market share, simply because there are so many devices made by so many companies, running Android. And  as I said just before, almost all of these devices run Flash.

I'm a developer that earns his living writing rich content for the web. I watch things very carefully, because whichever way the market goes, I have to move with, if I want to keep making a living. Am I an evangelist for one platform over another? No. I care about just one thing - how many people can I get my content in front of. I continue to develop content in Flash confident that this will get my content in front of the biggest number of people right now. Am I prepared to say that 'one day' this may longer be the case? Absolutely. Do I see signs of that happening yet? No.  

And finally, what about Adobe? Are they a smart software company that would want to lose the army of Flash developers they have ? Never. So even if (and that's still an 'if') Flash does die / get retired, Adobe will replace it with software tools that have the same *workflow*, but just compile the end result to whatever happens to be the mainstream platform at that time. It's early days, but witness Adobe Edge - www.adobe.com/EdgePreview
AivsCoderAuthor Commented:
Thanks, never knew of adobe edge.

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