active directory ldead what should i do ????

dear all
the main and only server i have the HDD failed and im not able to restore the data the server had active directory for the company
now i got new server and i installed win server 2008 std 64bit ...and the failed server was 2003

i heard there is something called seeding how i can do it in win server 2008 ??? to make the domain up and running again ???
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LesterClaytonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
seeding?  Never heard of it, apart from torrents.

Do you have a backup of your old Domain Controller?  If yes, you will have to restore that.  Depending on the kind of backup you have, will determine what kind of restore you need to do.  I hope you've backed up System State and Bare Metal.

System State Only - you have build a new domain controller with the same name, and then start the server in Active Directory Restore mode to restore the system state of the old directory

System State and Bare Metal - use the Windows 2003 CD to recover a new server using the backup media which you can burn to another CD, or preferably, host on a network share.

If you do not have a backup of your old domain controller, and it was the only one, then you have to build a new domain.
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