Exchange 2007 Second Storgage Group will not delet

We have Exchange 2007 that was migrated from another Exchange 2007 server.  The original server died and is not accessible. I have tried to remove the Second Storage Group Database but it will not remove because it cannot contact the dead server.  Exchange will not allow me to remove the old server until that database is removed.  How can I remove that entry from Exchange?  There is no daabase it just thinks there is one on the dead server.
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MAS (MVE)EE Solution GuideCommented:
Take a system state backup and remove from AD database manually
Here you can see your databases
CN=configuration-->CN=services-->CN=Microsoft Exchange-->CN=Administrative Groups-->CN=Exchange administrative groups -->CN=Databases

The same place you can see your dead exchange servers under 'CN=servers'
You can remove your dead server also from here
meszoAuthor Commented:
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