How Can I reduce a VHD?

Hello everybody:

I have some VHD that are very big over 300Gb and i don't need VHD so big. I want reduce the size of this VHD, they are Fixed size.

I was thinking to create a new VHD with teh correct size and clone over it the big VHD.

But may be there is another easy way to do the "resize"

Any idea?

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kevinhsiehConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Shut down the VM, and then edit disk using the Hyper-V Console.
Your plan is probably the safest way to go. You can also just convert to dynamic and then do a disk compaction, but you disk can grow again. There is very little performance difference between dynamic and fixed VHD under Hyper-V R2. All my VHDs are dynamic.
limmontreefreeAuthor Commented:
How can i convert to dynamic? With the hyper-V console?
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