SBS 2003 -> 2011 migration tool fails

Posted on 2011-10-15
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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
Here is what happened.

I prepared the server on Thursday and backed it just before starting the migration tool. The migration tools worked without any problem and I created my answer file.

I then started to install a SBS 2011 on a new box and being too impatient, I hard reset on the "prepare in configuring" after two hours, thinking it had crashed. I discovered after that it hadn't, and then I wanted to start to reinstall everything on the new server for a fresh start. It wouldn't work and I suppose that is because the first installation modified my 2003 box.

So I have restore my backup on the 2003 box. So now I am launching the migration tool from the sbs 2011 dvd on the 2003 box and I have an error, and it will not continue :

0/15/2011 17:27:24          Starting task Raise the functional level of the domain and forest
10/15/2011 17:27:24              Starting Task: Raising domain and forrest functional level.
10/15/2011 17:27:24              Domain name is: DC=prysm,DC=local
10/15/2011 17:27:24              current domain functional level is: 2
10/15/2011 17:27:24              No need to change.
10/15/2011 17:27:24              current forrest functional level is: 2
10/15/2011 17:27:24              No need to change.
10/15/2011 17:27:24          Task finished successfully
10/15/2011 17:27:24          Starting task Update the schema
10/15/2011 17:27:24              adprep.exe Exists: False
10/15/2011 17:27:24              adprep\adprep.exe Exists: True
10/15/2011 17:27:24              Running C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard Migration Preparation Tool\adprep\adprep32.exe /forestPrep /wssg /silent
10/15/2011 17:27:25              
10/15/2011 17:27:25              Adprep returned: ForestUpdateAlreadyDone(13)
10/15/2011 17:27:25              adprep.exe Exists: False
10/15/2011 17:27:25              adprep\adprep.exe Exists: True
10/15/2011 17:27:25              Running C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard Migration Preparation Tool\adprep\adprep32.exe /domainPrep /gpprep /wssg /silent
10/15/2011 17:27:26              
10/15/2011 17:27:26              Adprep returned: GpoUpdateAlreadyDone(15)
10/15/2011 17:27:26              Adprep has succeeded.
10/15/2011 17:27:26          Task finished successfully
10/15/2011 17:27:26          Starting task Provide licensing support
10/15/2011 17:27:26              Current version: 5.2.3790.131072
10/15/2011 17:27:26              Service pack version = 2
10/15/2011 17:27:26              Running C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard Migration Preparation Tool\KB943494\WindowsServer2003-KB943494-x86-ENU.exe /quiet /norestart
10/15/2011 17:27:44              Package returned: 3010 (0xBC2)
10/15/2011 17:27:44          Task finished successfully
10/15/2011 17:27:44          Starting task Configure Exchange to support migration
10/15/2011 17:27:44              Changing Exchange to be native mode.
10/15/2011 17:27:44              Begin adding Authenticated Users to Pre Windows 20008 Compatible Access group
10/15/2011 17:27:44              AU: LDAP://prysm.local/CN=S-1-5-11,CN=ForeignSecurityPrincipals,DC=prysm,DC=local
10/15/2011 17:27:44              PreWin2k: LDAP://prysm.local/CN=Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access,CN=Builtin,DC=prysm,DC=local
10/15/2011 17:27:44              AU is already a member, no-op
10/15/2011 17:27:45              auSuccess=True, exchangeSuccess=True
10/15/2011 17:27:45          Task finished successfully
10/15/2011 17:27:52          Starting health scan using MBCA engine..
10/15/2011 17:27:55          Health scan: MBCA model has been imported.
10/15/2011 17:27:55          Health scan: Execution policy is set to remotesigned. THIS LINE SHOULD NOT APPEAR IN THE OFFICIAL BUILD.
10/15/2011 17:27:55  !Error! BPAEngine:      Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.SmallBusinessServer.Tools.MigrationPrep.Wizard.BPAException: Unexpected PSRuntime exception. ---> System.Management.Automation.CommandNotFoundException: The term 'get-mbcamodel' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.
   at System.Management.Automation.CommandDiscovery.LookupCommandInfo(String commandName, CommandOrigin commandOrigin)
   at System.Management.Automation.CommandDiscovery.LookupCommandProcessor(String commandName, CommandOrigin commandOrigin, Nullable`1 useLocalScope)
   at System.Management.Automation.CommandFactory._CreateCommand(String commandName, CommandOrigin commandOrigin, Nullable`1 useLocalScope)
   at System.Management.Automation.Runspaces.Command.CreateCommandProcessor(ExecutionContext executionContext, CommandFactory commandFactory, Boolean addToHistory)
   at System.Management.Automation.Runspaces.LocalPipeline.CreatePipelineProcessor()
   at System.Management.Automation.Runspaces.LocalPipeline.InvokeHelper()
   at System.Management.Automation.Runspaces.LocalPipeline.InvokeThreadProc()
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
   at Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.SmallBusinessServer.Tools.MigrationPrep.Wizard.MBCAEngine.Run()
   at Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.SmallBusinessServer.Tools.MigrationPrep.Wizard.BPALauncher.Run()
10/15/2011 17:27:55          Unexpected errors occurred during BPA scan.

That is the log. If I click next, I have the message "to finish preparing for migration, you must restart the source server". What do I do ? I have removed reinstalled the MBCA tool, that didn't work. Do you think I can ignore this and go one (and use my first answer file) ?

Thank you for your help
Question by:StephRu
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Author Comment

ID: 36973485
I have set back the policy to restricted and that didn't change anything.
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Expert Comment

ID: 36976025
Download the SBS 2003 BPA and fix any errors that it reports.

Accepted Solution

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ID: 36982530
Hi Markdmac,

This error was not related with the BPA.

Actually, strangely enough, I had to remove the MCDA tool, the Core Framework and the Migration tool. I rebooted, then re-installed the Core Framwork, the MCDA tool and finally the migration tool. And voila !

Author Closing Comment

ID: 37010590
Just removing the MCDA tool wasn't enough... I had to remove the 3 components before reinstalling.

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