Countifs not working properly


The formulas don't seem to be working in the monthly tab. The one in the weekly tab seem to calculate just fine.

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ajcheung78Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you unhide column P you will find that you do not have any data there as you do in the weekly worksheet.  Copy O2 to P10 and you will have data - I've attached a copy with the change and this is why your countifs functions are not working.
barry houdiniCommented:
>The formulas don't seem to be working in the monthly tab

Which formulas - can you specify the cell/cells?

regards, barry
For Weekly Roaming Report, cell V6,
Formula =COUNTIFS(DataSheet!$D:$D,'Weekly Roaming Report'!$U7,DataSheet!$C:$C,'Weekly Roaming Report'!V$5,DataSheet!$G:$G,'Weekly Roaming Report'!$B$1)
Changed to
=COUNTIFS(DataSheet!$D:$D,'Weekly Roaming Report'!$U6,DataSheet!$C:$C,'Weekly Roaming Report'!V$5,DataSheet!$G:$G,'Weekly Roaming Report'!$B$1)

then copy until Z12.
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