Laptop taking REALLY long time to startup

I have laptop that I just ran Combofix and Malwarebytes and it's taking a REALLY long time after startup.  I boot up the laptop I'll see the desktop and I have to wait about 5-10 minutes to which after Internet Explorer will start after having double clicked the IE application.  I went into task manager and the CPU is running at or near 100%.  I checked the ran and as far as the RAM, I see three process that are over 13,000K which are:


My laptop has 4 gigs of RAM and an AMD Athlon ll P340 Dual-Core Processor 2.20 Ghz.  and I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium with 64-bit OS.

How can I make sure that this machine boots faster and once I see the desktop, I'll be able to hit the IE and have it come up much quicker?
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ee4itpro--I wrote this some time ago but it may help
1) Have you scanned the PC for viruses, spyware, etc.?  (Be sure to use programs with updated reference definition files.)  Delete whatever these programs recommend.  And if you did find such malware, you should also probably install and run MalwareBytes.  It may find bits and pieces which were left behind
2) Disk Cleanup. There are several ways to reach it. One is Start|All Programs|Accessories|System Tools|DiskCleanUp. That will start a scan of the PC to tell you what files might be deleted or compressed. (The scan takes a while.)  I would certainly delete Temporary Internet Files, Temp files, Downloaded Program Files. See for details.
3) Then I would run ErrorChecking. (left click on MyComputer||right click on C:\ drive icon (assuming that is your hard drive)|Tools|Error Checking. Check the box "Automatically fix file system errors". Click Start (within the error checking window). You will be told to reboot. Do so. Error checking will then run as part of the reboot. It can take a while.
4) Start|Run|type MSCONFIG|OK|Startup tab.  Windows actually needs very few thirdparty programs (the ones you see in msconfig) to run at start. Antivirus, Firewall, Antispyware, programs associated with wireless connections such as mouse, network, etc. would be among the few.  Uncheck the box to the left of any program you feel you do not need at startup.  Click Apply.  This site will help you make decisions what you do and do not need
5) Run Disk Defragmenter. ((left click on MyComputer||right click on C:\ drive icon (again assuming that is your hard drive)|Tools|Disk Defragmenter|Defrag Now click Analyze) Unless the analysis shows defragmentation is not needed, proceed to run Defragment. That also takes a while.

I think the site will tell you what those strange programs are.  But in case not, here are explanations.
Explorer.exe, of course, is Windows Explorer .


Assuming that the hardware it's OK and already sure that ther'e no Virus working around...
Try to fix the windows installation/registry with ccleaner, you can install it on safe mode to boot faster and get better results.

-hope helps-
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
In my own experience, laptops that run extremely slow frequently have thermal problems.  I would suggest downloading and running RealTemp, CoreTemp or other thermal monitoring software, and see if the system is thermal throttling.  If it is not, well and good; a software problem can then be investigated with confidence that it is not a hardware problem.
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I would use Process Explorer to see what's hogging the CPU. You can get it here.
Try downloading and running Soluto to see what is clogging up your boot and choose what to disable.
You can use a Microsoft program called Autoruns to manage all startup parameters including services, programs, handlers and...
you said you ran MBAM & combofix - what did they discover - remove?
I might add a couple of times i repaired computers that the cpu was at 100% when you boot up it was a problem with the hard drive.

I went to the manufacturer website and got the low level format disk utility and write zeros to the drive.

ee4itproAuthor Commented:
I have a G62-347CL Notebook and can't find what you are talking about on the HP WEBSITE, can you send me the URL for this?  Also, won't the low level format erase everything I have on the laptop?  

I have Windows Home Premium 7  with 64-bit OS.  
>>  Also, won't the low level format erase everything I have on the laptop?  <<  yes, it does so - be sure to BACKUP EVERYTHING first

and "can't find what you are talking about on the HP WEBSITE"   <-- what are you looking for?  not sure
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