Anything available to replace "Screen Shot?"

Not long ago I upgraded from XP Pro to Windows 7.  One of the results was that some of my old software wouldn’t work anymore.  One of those old programs was one called Screen Shot; a tsr program that would allow the printing of whatever was displayed on the screen by simply hitting “Print Screen.”  Yes, 7’s Snipping Tool will do much the same thing, but there is a long and convoluted procedure to get what’s on the screen to paper.  Does anyone know if there is a tsr program available to allow something as simple as pressing “Screen Print” to print whatever is displayed on the monitor to one’s printer?  Thanks,,,,,  Ernie Rader
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Paul SauvéConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Yes - Print Scteen, paste to Paint and send to the printer...
i have a free software, its just an exe file
I dont know if i am allowed to share it here or not
The name of the software is "capture"
ErnieRaderAuthor Commented:
I made a mistake.  The answer to this problem was properly posted, and I've awarded the appropriate points to the answering expert.  Thank you so much.
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