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What Is The Reason(s) And The Solution(s) For My Windows 7 64-Bit Not Saving My Last Command’s Default Folder Location Path After I Have Set It The First Or A Previous Time To My “Desktop”?

Posted on 2011-10-15
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-12
Hello. I have a question to ask you.

When I need to perform such commands like open a file, save a file, or upload a file; I get a smaller window of Windows Explorer that states “File Open”, “Save As”, or “Choose File to Upload” prospectively. Now ‘most’ of the time, I have the files and folders I need right on my desktop in order to access. However, it seems lately that when I open a smaller window for such a command as I have stated, it does not provide the “Desktop” as the default location folder path each time I open a file, save a file, or upload a file AFTER I HAVE SET the “Desktop” as the default folder location path for each command the first or previous time. Instead, I am receiving “Favorites” or “Documents” as the default folder location path for each command stated above. It is becoming a hassle each time I have to navigate back to my “Desktop” as the default folder path location for these commands.  

My Question:

What is the reason(s) for my Windows 7 64-bit not saving my last command default folder location path after I have set it the first or a previous time to my “Desktop” for such commands like open a file, save a file, or upload a file?

Consequently, how can this be fixed so the prospective command’s default file or folder path that is designed from a first or previous time remains the same (like it 'remembers') until it is indeed changed by the user at another instance?  

Let me answer you: Yes, I am the only one that uses this computer regardless of how many user accounts are established if you were thinking that another user has changed the default folder location path without my knowledge.

Please provide your own detailed facts, suggestions, hints, and tips; and/or the best possible well written, detailed and documented website links for an answer(s) and solution(s) to this issue.

Please reply.

Thank you!

NOTE: This is regarding the Windows 7 Professional 64-bit operating system.
Question by:RegulaOne
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Assisted Solution

by:John Hurst
John Hurst earned 1040 total points
ID: 36974370
I don't think there is one overriding answer because different applications work in different ways.

Microsoft Office allows me to define (in Options) where things should be save and it uses this always get used:

Open File:

Save File:

When I upload (say to here), I always see my basic Libraries Windows (starting place):

When I use Adobe (and some like applications) a new occurence of Adobe will "open file" in the last folder I was using (even if yesterday, say).

So for me, it is working like it should in Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.  Please let me know if I can add more information.

... Thinkpads_User
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Assisted Solution

by:Dave Baldwin
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ID: 36974575
I don't have Windows 7 but I have never seen Windows file dialogs work the way you want.  Most apps seem to start at My Documents or the Desktop.  After you change the current folder, it will keep that until you close the program.  Next time it is usually back to whatever default it uses.  Except that some programs do keep track of the last used folder... until they get confused by something you did and end up back at My Documents.
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Assisted Solution

johnb6767 earned 480 total points
ID: 36975057
Depending on the app, it often opens to the directory you last  saved/opened from....
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Accepted Solution

John Hurst earned 1040 total points
ID: 36975728
You can really summarize this three way:

Collection 1 including Office: The open / save dialogue opens to the place pointed in Options. While the app is open, it will use the spot it is working from.

Collection 2 including Adobe: The open dialogue wil work from the last place you worked. This survives a re-start, so it was clearly programmed this way.

Collection 3 is all the rest: Generally these documents go "home" when opening a file - Libraries / Documents.

Windows does not overide these locations, or harmonize these locations.

.... Thinkpads_User

Author Comment

ID: 36983327
@ thinkpads_user:

Hello. It is nice to see you again. Thank you for your comment.

Regarding your first comment, I have always thought it was Windows operating system’s control that determines default folder location path for each command stated above. I see you indicate it is the program within the operating system that determines this. Interesting. I learn something every day! I see from your examples what you mean.  

Thank you!

@ DaveBaldwin:

Hello. It is nice to see you again too. Thank you for your comment too.

Again, after reading your comments, like expanding upon thinkpads_user’s first comment, DaveBladwin explains a plethora of knowledge to complicate with great complexities this question/thread. I see again, the program or application does indeed matter significantly where some programs do and do not maintain the default folder location path, plus the variability when the user runs and stops running the program.

Thank you!

@ johnb6767:

Hello.  It is nice to see you again too. Thank you for your comment too.

Yes, I agree with you that “it often opens to the directory you last saved/opened from”; however I never thought the application or program had anything to do with this issue. I see it does. This has been exemplified with all previous exerts comments.

@ thinkpads_user:

Hello again. Thank you for your last comment.

Regarding your last comment, I like how you “summarize” this issue. Thank you! I am sure there are programs out there that neatly fit in lieu of “Office”, “Adobe” and the “rest” as well. But I like this concise synopsis of this issue.

Thank you!

Now, it shows I have received this question/thread as complete with answers. The solution is provided for Microsoft Office as the issue can be manipulated as demonstrated here. Other applications/programs may not have solutions, but brings a sense of awareness with answers.

Next, I will award points for this question thread…    

Author Closing Comment

ID: 36983437
@ thinkpads_user , DaveBaldwin, & johnb6767 :

Hello again.

I learned from all of you here in this thread since you all have made it clear to me that the programs and applications DO INDEED impact after a few minutes of testing your answers, especially with my Office Word application /program. I should of guessed that the programs/applications has affected the default folder location path for these Windows commands like open a file, save a file, or upload a file.

I am awarding each one of you for your part in this question/thread. I am going to give thinkpads_user the “Accepted Solution” with thinkpads_user’s last comment summary that is condensed for clarity by action and application/program. Everyone else will receive the “Assisted Solution” for their accurate answers as well. In terms of points, thinkpads_user will receive 140 points for the “Accepted Answer” and the thinkpads_user’s first comment will receive the “Assisted Solution” with 120 points, DavidBaldwin’s comment will receive 120 points and the “Assisted Solution” ,and johnb6767’s comment will receive the “Assisted Solution” with receive 120 points too. I am keeping the points per expert comment this time close in value since all comments are fairly even and consistent and not differ that drastic to allow for great variance in awarding points.    

Again, thank you for your answers and solution!!!
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Expert Comment

by:John Hurst
ID: 36983447
Thank you. I was pleased to help as always. ... Thinkpads_User

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