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Need HDMI, Audio, and USB Extender


I have a client who needs a new computer. He has a fancy office with his huge computer in a closet connected to his office. Currently there is a device that extends VGA, USB, and Audio plugs from the current machine in the closet to his desk.

I need to replace his tower and monitor with a new super pc so I need to extend HDMI, USB, and Audio to his desk. It can be wireless or wired on the extension part. The new computer has a Radeon HD 6870 Graphics Card so that might send the audio and video over hdmi, but I need a way to break that out on his desk to speakers as the new LED monitor does not have speakers built in.

The monitor is just HDMI, so I could use an adapter to convert that to DVI as on the PC end there is both HDMI and DVI.
I cant seem to find something online that meets this criteria, there might have been one but it was 1500 pre cables.

Please provide part # and website where I can purchase this


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What distance??    You can get HDMI cables up to 100' ... so if that's long enough, you can use the existing USB/audio extenders and just add a 100' HDMI cable.

Note the audio can be routed within the PC to either the HDMI output or a standard audio output.    That's easier than breaking it out at the other end (which would require another box).
borgmemberAuthor Commented:
Its not too far maybe 30 feet tops. I dont know if there is a conduit between the closet and the desk or if they ran the wires when it was remodeled. I have always wondered how to to the audio redirection, is that sometime done in the video cards software?
"... I have always wondered how to to the audio redirection ..."  ==>   Right-click on the speaker icon;  select Playback Devices;  and then simply choose what you want ==> the choices depend on what's available on your specific system.    On my HTPC, for example, I can select the HDMI output;  an SPDIF output; or HD audio speakers.

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