Is There A Way Or Means To Add Established ‘Text-To-Speech’ Voice(s) To Typical Windows 7 Commands Or More Windows 7 Features And Functions?

Hello. I have a question to ask.

My question:

Is there a way or means to add established ‘text-to-speech’ voice(s) to typical Windows 7 commands or more Windows 7 features and functions? This would mean from the point of Windows loading at Windows start to Windows shutdown a test-t-speech voice would be available and the user would be greeted with a human voice.

Please answer:

1. I have yet to this this Text-To-Speech feature/function as an internal option in Windows 7 either as an online website reference as written discourse or I ever traversed this feature/function while on my Windows 7; but I may be overlooking this feature/function, am I or am I not?

2. Is there some Text-To-Speech third party program/application that can be installed into Windows 7 that is dependable, reliable, and fully featured that you may recommend? (If the program/application is free, wonderful; however I will assume that such a complex program/application is probably a ‘paid’ program/application.)

Please provide your own best possible well written, detailed and documented website links; and/or your own detailed facts, suggestions, hints, and tips.

Please reply.

Thank you!

Remember: ‘Text-to-speech’ is the opposite in voice/vocal transmission to ‘speech recognition’ software. I am looking for 'text-to-speech'.

NOTE: This is applicable to my Windows 7 Professional 64-bit operating system.
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jshoffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe this is already available in the OS.

You can enable the narrator in the ease of access center
santanu30inConnect With a Mentor Commented:
santanu30inConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to install Microsoft Reader for Desktop and Laptop PC from the link below
RegulaOneAuthor Commented:
@ jshoff & santanu30in:

Hello. It is nice to meet you both. Thank you for your comments.

You have all answered my question exceptionally well. Both of your expert comments have brought attention to me.  jshoff shown me that in the “Access Center” has this feature and function I am looking for. I would have never guessed. It is an area of the Windows 7 I have never investigated before built right into Windows 7. WOW! santanu30in has also shown me that I can read eBooks with Microsoft Reader that I have never heard of before that has “Microsoft Reader Text-to-Speech Package” from santanu30in links. I have to look into this more in depth. Wonderful features!!!

I am going to award both of your comments where I will find jshoff and santanu30in both significant and useful. However I was looking for Windows “commands” pertaining to ‘Windows 7 itself’ as I have stated in my initial posted question. jshoff has shown me this as this feature and function works with Windows 7 ‘itself’.

Therefore awarding points and solution titles, I am giving jshoff the “Accepted Solution”. However, it can be construed or argued that any extra program/application installed indeed has ‘commands’ in Windows too. Therefore I am going to give santanu30in the “Assisted Solution”. Due to the fact that the significant relevance of both answers to my initial posted question is relatively close; I am awarding the slightly greater points (but keeping it closer to equal) to jshoff 300 points (“Accepted Solution”) and santanu30in 200 points (“Assisted Solution”) out of the total 500 points. For santanu30in’s two comments the 200 points have been equally divided since I see these two comments both significantly equal.

Again, thank you for your answers and solutions!!! Well done!!!
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