CD Rom Storage of data - Apple vs. PC

If person "A" stores photos on a CD Rom that was written to on a MAC.  Can that CD Rom be read on a PC (windows XP?)

What are some potential issues on this?
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varontronConnect With a Mentor Commented:

There are a few potential issues at play here, including software and hardware, and not really of a cross-platform nature.

1) The photo files
In all likelihood your photos are saved as JPEGs or TIFFs or maybe RAWs.  But confirm that the _software_ you use on your target PC supports the format.  This is a low risk, because you can probably find free software on the PC to open the images, assuming you don't have another problem.

2) The Drives (aka devices)
Even between two different macs or two different pcs, there are potential compatibility issues with CD formats.  Check out the wikipedia entry for "Rainbow Books" and be amazed by the variety.  Not all drives support all formats, however, the newer the devices are, the more likely they will both support common, popular formats.

3) The disk media
This is a corollary to the drive issue.  Not all media will work in all drives. (i.e., a cd-r might be writable in your mac or pc, but not playable in your car)

4) The disk format
Like the media issue, but referring to the file system on the media, rather than the media itself.

The good news in all this is that A) compatibility is not really a cross-platform issue (i.e., mac vs pc) but a device issue, and B) most recent devices support a wide variety of formats.

On a mac, you can learn what formats are supported by your device by going to the apple menu, choosing about this mac, clicking more info, and choosing Disk Burning or similar option from the left hand list of features.

If the photos on the mac were burned to a disk using iPhoto, there is a specific menu option for burning a windows-compatible disk.  Here is a screen shot from iPhoto help about the topic:

Hope this helps,
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