Automate the combining of PDF files

I have 12 PDF files that will always be in the same directory and will always be called the same names and when combined will always have the same name.  Adobe lets me do all of this and put in the right order which is great.  The issue is, I have 54 of these to do every month.  Is there a way to automate this labor intensive task?
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I suggest that you download the free trial version of the Adobe plugin discussed in the reference below.  If the trial version of the plugin provides what you are looking for, then you can either buy the plugin, or use VBA code to create an automated mail merge that emulates the plugin.

Also have a look at this reference and see if there is anything that is helpful to you:

majervisAuthor Commented:
I think this is the best I can do and I don't mind paying a few bucks to get something off the shelf.  Too much individual VBA work to do myself or ask others for help I mean
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