I cannot ping my Windows Server 2003 machine


I just installed Windows Server 2003 on one of my computers but I'm having some trouble pinging. I'm able to ping by IP address but not by computer name. I tired pinging an XP machine on the network and it works both by IP address and by computer name.  The Windows Server 2003 has DNS installed on it and I have already created a forward and reverse lookup zone. I'm able to ping other machines by name  I'm not too sure what else I can do to make this make work.
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you will always be able to ping the server by ip address it has nothing to do with file and print sharring. File and print sharing alows you to resolve the name to ip address by netbios resolution thats why it works when you turn it on

1. make sure you have a a record created on your dns server.
2. make sure the domain serach order is correct.
3. make sure the DNS settings in the machiene you are trying to ping from have the address of the server in primary domain server.
4. make sure you add a helper address to the dns server pointing to your isp's dns servers so you are still able to resolve internet domains like www.google .com
5. once you have this setup then go to a cmd prompt on the pc you are trying to ping from and type nslookup and then at the next prompt type the name of the server and hit enter, it should resolve the name of the server correctly.
techin4Author Commented:
I was playing around with the settings and I found that if I enable file sharing and printing in the firewall exception I can ping using computer name. Not sure why but this seemed to resolve the issue.
Ehab SalemIT ManagerCommented:
It's strange because without the file sharing option enabled in the FW exceptions you should not be able to ping the server even by IP address.
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