NAS or Box with multiple drives?

I have a client who has a photography business and needs a large storage system for photos. I am wondering if a NAS would be better (high reliability) or build a box with multiple hot swap drives (lower cost). I'm going toward the lower cost unit, but was wondering if anyone could provide some insight into this setup.

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An option to look at if you are looking for storage that is easy to manage, you might look at Drobo. They have a few options to include directly connected storage or network connected storage. The big selling point of Drobo is that you can put in any combination of drives (any number and any size) and it will automatically manage the redundancy of the data so that if one drive fails, you don't lose all the data (they use a system similar to RAID). Another cool feature is that you can replace drives with larger drives and the Drobo will expand the storage automatically.
All depends on what the clients needs are really.  In the end the same thing is happening, you will be using the disks in a RAID array.  How you manage it and what features are available are really the determining factors.

If the standalone box has a decent RAID controller and can offer all the functionality you may desire such as specific RAID levels, and you are comfortable setting all that up yourself (as opposed to like a GUI setup via the NAS route) then by all means go with that solution.
i would recommend a NAS with raid or you can use any of the online backup facilities like sugarsync
Its highly reliable and accessible globally
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