The high used of processor by Cmd.exe

The high used of processor by Cmd.exe keeps running with windows startup and getting high processor usage and when we connect for internal network Doman the cmd processor is working and when we connect for  different network Doman the processor not working
as picture below when we end the cmd processor the performance will back normal
how can i solve this cmd.exe issue ? any suggestion ?
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Anuj BhatiaConnect With a Mentor DirectorCommented:
Hey Buddy ..

i agree with all the above Masters/Guru, but have you tried to run the a Malware/Spyware scan on the machine this could also be an Infection.. if not you can try to run Malwarebytes from and see if that help you ..

Keep me posted.


Anuj Bhatia
looks like there is login / startup script configured to run when you are connected to the domain network. Check the GPO configured for your user account or workstation.
To add to what ashunnag has said you can open a command prompt and run gpresult /H gpreport.html then open gpreport.html to see what policy is applied to the user and computer. Pay attention to any calls to a script.
In the task manager, add the Command Line column, so you can see exactly what the path is of the file it is trying to run.... Should confirm the above.....
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