Why has my cursor disappeared?

My cursor is all of a sudden invisible, although I can position it with the mouse (but I don't see where it is). And I can type as normal. This is the first time it ever has happened.

I have a Windows XP Pro SP3.
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In the control panel, in the Mouse Properties, select the "Pointer Options" tab

the visibility panel below has three checkboxes.

you don't need pointer tails, but you may have checked "hide pointer while typing"

Uncheck he "hide pointer" box

Check the box "Show location .... when I press the CTRL key" (it should say "when I tap the ctrl key")

In the pointers Tab under Mouse Properties, if the command button "Use Default" is clickable, click it. use the defaults until you solve the problems.

Hope this helps,

web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
how can you position it with the mouse if you cant see where it is?
Are you able to get into the control panel to check to see what the mouse pointer settings are set as, maybe it is set as some unusual type of cursor.
Maybe your system is infected with malware that deactivated your mouse cursor. Try booting in safe mode. Do you see your cursor on the screen before windows fully boots up or boots up past the log on screen?
He means the flickering cursor at the text position, not the mouse pointer :)
I've seen this a couple of times that you can set it at the correct position but you don't actually see the cursor.
I don't know exactly how I solve that normally, but I think that a restart of Windows will help.
web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
Yes I know what you mean now.... and have experienced that several times, especially when writing or replying to emails. It is some what frustrating, even when you try to move the cursor to the correct spot and click at the required spot nothing happens and when you  start typing it does not type the characters where you thought the cursor was moved to but the characters you typed start occur where the cursor was last seen (or where you left off before).

Usually if you try again the cursor will show up and you move the cursor, click at the spot can start typing where you want the new characters to go.

I have never found anything that will resolve this issue, except for repeating your steps of trying to click the cursor where you want the new text to go.
hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
I had the laptop powered on whole night and when I woke up and started using it again, this problem was gone. But another problem arised: nothing happened at all when I used my touchpad. The problem was only temporary though, for some minutes, so now everything works fine again.
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