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Configure Backup in PCs by using the GPO

hello Geniuses
i am trying to create a GPO to Backup users data other than ( desktop and my document ) coz i can use folder redirection for that but what about D files or the PST outlook which is hidden under the users profile local files or any other folder i want to backup in other partitions like F or G  

thanks in advance :)
1 Solution
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Cannot be done via group policy. You must use a client backup program to accomplish this.

1. GPO let you turn the feature on and off at user configuration\policies\administrative templates\windows components\backup\client.

2. I think the right way to do what you want is to use "roaming user profiles", that way you backup the whole private folder, and have the option to load that on any PC.

Have a latest NetApps Filer
Connect it to the AD
Let the roaming profiles load from the filer
the users will see same desktop and my documents etc since the profiles is loading from a remote centralized location
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

u have to allow the roaming profile .
locate all the roaming profile to a same folder in the server
than u can back up the whole profile desktop documents favorites everything in 1 folder
and for exchange reload the pst file to the ducument for the archive file & the new mails already is backed up from the exchange .
EngamtAuthor Commented:
thanks every one for your answers but i have few questions about using roaming profiles
* when using roaming profiles does that mean the profiles are not available when the server is down ?
* i have huge pst. outlook files ( 5 gigabyte ) are those files going to be synced every time the user logs off because this will increase the traffic in the network
* i remember from my readings that its not recommended to use the PST. files over the network because this will cause errors in the PST. files due to its tendency to errors

thank you very much
The local settings which is where the PST file is stored by default will be lost in a roaming profile setup.
You can use the Office templates to redirect the storage of the PST to another location.

Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:

1.  I suggest you consider not using pst files.  Move the mail into the exchange mailbox and discontinue pop3 mail completely.  But yes, you should not use network storage for pst files.

2.  With redirected folders there should be nothing of importance on the  stations.  If there is no way to avoid some user data on the stations, or if you wish to backup the stations in case of hard drive failure or accidental lost data/programs on the stations, consider Windows Home Server for groups of 10 stations each, or Windows Storage Server for groups of 25 stations each.  Makes complete backups of the listed number of stations to allow for easy recover of a failed hard drive, and uses single instance storage of each block to reduce the amount of storage.  After the first backup, only the changed bits are backed up tot he WHS or the WSSE.

3.  Redirected folders and off line folders are not the same thing.  Redirected folders moves the contents of "my documents/documents" to the server, off line folders, as you suggest, copies them back and forth.  You can have redirected folders without off line.
Easiest way to back up pst is to use the pst backup tool from M$.
Use it to backup over the network as pst's can't be backed up when open.


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