Moving Exchange 2003 Public Folders to Exchange 2010

I'm doing an Exchange 2003 Migration to Exchange 2010. I've implemented and configured the environment and everything seems to work just fine. I'm now working on getting the Exchange 2003 server removed from the network. One of the first steps with that is moving the public folder replicas.

All of my public folders have replicated to the EX2010 server. I performed this step by using the Exchage 2010 script (AddReplicaToPFRecursive.ps1). Everything seems to be there and ESM says that they are in sync. Now to remove the replicas, I attempted to use the MoveAllReplicas.ps1. Nothing really seemed to happen--even after waiting a day.

Looking at info on the web, I decided to try to do a "Move All Replicas" from within ESM by right clicking the PF folder store. Now I've been waiting two days for the PF instances to dissappear and they have not.

The data seems to have replicated just fine to the EX2010 server and my goal is to get this EX2003 server turned off. I've seen some references to using ADSI edit to remove the PF store but I was wondering if anyone could comment on the pros and cons of doing that in this senario.

Thanks in advance...
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maddenjcAuthor Commented:
I should also mention that the PF folders only have about 200 MB of data. So it taking days doesn't make a lot of sense.
I have seen this happen before.  i've removed the old public folder only after I'm sure all of the data is over.  does everything show up in OWA 2010?

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maddenjcAuthor Commented:
Thanks... Everything shows fine inside OWA and I even did a test by shutting down the Exchange 2003 server temporarily to see if it affected Outlook clients. Everyone could still see the PFs and all their respective data.

I did end up removing the PF DB through ADSI and everything worked out great. The old EX2003 server is now gone and all PFs are still accessable from the clients.


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