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I have a database that that sends emails out to users. The process of sending emails works fine as long as I am sending emails out to users within my network. When I try to send an email to a general outside of network email, my script runs fine, but the email does not go out. I do not get any errors.  My database is hosted by FM Server. Any suggestion on what can be the issue?
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Will LovingPresidentCommented:
Most SMTP servers require additional authentication for connections coming from outside local domain. In most cases this means  that Authentication is turned on and that Encryption - usually SSL - is enabled. If you are not having luck getting this to work in FileMaker directly, try setting up an email client such as Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. and get that working - your ISP/mail provider should be able to provide the correct settings. Once you have the settings working there, you can transfer them to FileMaker.
Will LovingPresidentCommented:
FileMaker can send emails two ways: 1) through the local email client - often Outlook or Apple Mail - on the computer that you are running FileMaker on (and using the default account to send from) and 2) using STMP (outgoing mail server) settings so that no email client is necessary. Which method is FileMaker using?

If you are using the email client method and are on a different computer, the client needs to be properly setup with an email account so that it can send messages. If you are using the SMTP method, it may require additional security settings for the STMP server to allow you to send messages from outside the local network.
PachecoPrimoAuthor Commented:
Hello Willmcn,
Thanks for your response.
I am using the SMTP method. What additional security settings should I be aware of?
what SMTP server is your FM database set up to use? internal on your network or external provided by ISP?
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