Best way of sharing a POS application with 2-3 stores

I have a client that presently has 2 stores selling clothing. The server that is in store #1 is a custom box running Windows 2003 with a 10GB OS partition and a 40GB Data partition. There is not enough room on the C: drive to apply SP3 without running out of of space. Presently the C: drive has about 1Gb of free space.

The server is hosting a Point of Sale application called CounterPoint and it is serving the application out to the two stores via Terminal services. Store 1 is 192.168.0.x and store 2 is 192.168.1.x.

The client is requesting to go with Quickbooks POS so it can integrate with Quickbooks Pro. My questions are:

How should I connect the remote store to the new POS application? Terminal Services or cisco VPN? Upside/Downsides?

A third store will be opening in a few months and I want to ensure that the setup will allow for it.

the stores are running XP Pro SP3, 3 at each store.
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Do you still going to use CounterPoint or Quickbooks POS going to replace it completely ?
Intuit have many solutions for multi-user environment, I believe their technical support can provide you the best solution to work with their products.

If you can use VPN to share just the database it should save you bandwidth and resources on the server. but will ask for more resources on workstations.

BTW, What stops you from fixing the storage issue on the server?
I belive Quickbooks POS allows you to add aditional pos terminals or registers on local or remote PC's , depending on budget you can either get 3 ASA's, one for each store or 3 Linksys vpn routers and connect a 3 stores. then install QB pos on the first machiene and then run the setup again on the other 2 selecting the first one as the server or primary.VPN is the most secure way.
RSchiererAuthor Commented:
V4705; we will be replacing CounterPoint with Quickbooks POS completely. I will take your advice and contact Intuit Tech Support for the best solution.

The reason for not fixing the storage issue is that I would have to backup (doing that anyway) the entire server, wipe it out, install an additional hard drive for DATA volume. I was always taught that the OS partition should be 40GB, especially if it is going to host the virtual memory. Don't know why the previous company didn't install a second hard drive, but my guess is that it had to do with money.

The server is also infected with a Jet safe swap utilitiy virus and we are being handicapped in removing it due to the config of the server.

Michelp: thanks for this advice. I will check with Intuit but do you know off hand whether they offer a hosted version of POS? Might be a good option for this client if they did.
hmm, not sure, another good option is to use Microsoft Point of sale, i have set this up for numerous customers and it works well in a multiple user multiple register or terminal enviorment, it also QB compatible and has a better interface. If you want a cloud based solution this company offers QB and QB POS as a web service, check them out.,
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