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Disable checkboxes using Jquery/Javascript

Hi all,

I have a string of id's returned from an AJAX call in this format:


And I have a load of checkboxes like so:

	<input type="checkbox" onClick="ajaxFunction();" name="filter_option[]" value="14-229" id="229" >
	<input type="checkbox" onClick="ajaxFunction();" name="filter_option[]" value="14-35" id="35" >
	<input type="checkbox" onClick="ajaxFunction();" name="filter_option[]" value="14-45" id="45" >
	<input type="checkbox" onClick="ajaxFunction();" name="filter_option[]" value="14-78" id="78" >
	<input type="checkbox" onClick="ajaxFunction();" name="filter_option[]" value="14-85" id="85" >
	<input type="checkbox" onClick="ajaxFunction();" name="filter_option[]" value="14-92" id="92" >
	<input type="checkbox" onClick="ajaxFunction();" name="filter_option[]" value="14-24" id="24" >

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I'm looking to disable every checkbox that does NOT match with string of id's but not quite sure how to do it.

Could anyone please help me out?

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2 Solutions
Firstly, having numbers as the first character of an id attribute is invalid HTML.  

"Naming rules:
    * Must begin with a letter A-Z or a-z
    * Can be followed by: letters (A-Za-z), digits (0-9), hyphens ("-"), and underscores ("_")
    * In HTML, all values are case-insensitive"
Source: w3schools.com

Regardless, it may still work in jQuery.  How about something like:
var incoming = '5,67,87,45,32,34,46,76,32,45';    // comes back from ajax call
var str = '#' + incoming.replace(/,/g, ', #');
$('input[type=checkbox]').not(str).prop('disabled', true);  
// assuming you're using jQuery 1.6 or better  otherwise use attr()

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Have a look here
You may use : $(":checkbox").filter(function() { return !($.inArray($(this).attr("id"), arr)==-1); }).attr("disabled", true);

test page : http://jsfiddle.net/cj89S/
dolythgoeAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, not sure why you can't use numbers, seems a bit of an odd standard - especially if you need to dynamically generate and identify them.

I suppose I can stick a letter infront of them all!
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dolythgoeAuthor Commented:

How can I ensure the other checkboxes are enabled on the next round of calls to this function?

So I see this disables them:

$(":checkbox").filter(function() { return !($.inArray($(this).attr("id"), arr)==-1); }).attr("disabled", true);

But how would I udate this to say else enable..?

new question, new answer :

$(":checkbox").each(function() {
    if( $.inArray($(this).attr("id"), arr) == -1 ) {
        $(this).attr("disabled", false);
    else {
        $(this).attr("disabled", true);

test page : http://jsfiddle.net/cj89S/1/
dolythgoeAuthor Commented:
Oh sorry, a couple more things if you would be so kind - what does the ":checkbox" mean? Is that every checkbox? Can I specify just the checkboxes between a div?

And if I changed the id values to example: a1, a2, a3, b1, b2, b3 - to make html valid, could I use jQuery in the same fashion as your first query but EXCLUDE running on group 'b' (whatever is defined)?

Ideally, if the data returned was:

a1, b4, b5, b6, c8, c10, c11, d15, d15, d45

I want to always ignore disabling for the group of id's as denoted by the first value (a in this case) - so make sure all 'aXX' id's are enabled but disable the rest based on the code given before. Hopefully that makes sense.
>what does the ":checkbox" mean? Is that every checkbox?

> Can I specify just the checkboxes between a div?
yes :

$(":checkbox", "#your_div_ID")
dolythgoeAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much for your help - I'll ask a seperate question regarding the later.

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