Tabbar custom buttons

Dear experts ..
i am building a project on flex using framework sdk 4.5
i want to implement a tabbar but with fully customized buttons .
i looked around the internet but with very pure resources about this specific issue .
you can find below an attached image showing what i want to do .
     the desired tabbar look
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puzzle-itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Standing to what documentation says about tabbar:

The set of tabs is defined by the dataProvider property. The appearance of the TabBar is defined by the TabBarSkin class. The appearance of each tab is defined by the TabBarButtonSkin class.
(the documentation about TabBar class is hereSpark_TabBar)

In general you should extend the TabBarSkin class and TabBarButtonskin class and apply your new skins to your tabbar, this means apply new TabBarButtonSkin to TabBarSkin and then apply TabBarSkin to TabBar.
Here you can find practical example of the process i mentioned, you should use that as a start point for your final design.

If you want to go deeper into skinning start reading this guideSpark_Skinning
mokatellAuthor Commented:
the solution was good but i had to make some more research to finalize it
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