SharePoint SQL Report Viewer Web Part

I added the SQL Reporting Services to SharePoint 2007. I works fine. I created a report in Visual Studio 2008 and deployed it to my Reports Library in SharePoint.
I add the SQL Server Reporting Services Report Viewer Web Part. When I try to view the report I get the following error message. There is a snap shot in the attatched word document...

As you will see in the error message that it is trying to use port 443. I do not want to use that port. And my firewall is not turned on.
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Not exactly sure what is going on here, but the message is ambiguous.  Is your reporting server?  It seems as though it could be refusing your request perhaps because it _only_ listens on 443 and you're not using SSL.  What happens if you change your report url to 'https://bonn..."  (note the 's' after http)

Try that, but I could be way off.
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