Need temperature and auto power cycle functions


I am looking for a multi function remote temperature and power cycle device.

I need to monitor temerature at my clients sites. It can send an email alert or an sntp message.

The second option I am looking for is the ability to ping the internet gateway and when it does not respond to several pings reboot the cable modem and wait 30 seconds, and if that does not fix it, power cycle the router. Almost all of these devices will allow me to login to a webpage remotely as well and force some outlets off or on. The only device that I have found to do these things is:

Price is a point as I need to put these in at all of my clients so save me time so that generally means the cost is on me.  

Any recommendations?
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borgmemberAuthor Commented:
We went with the control by web. Thanks
This one doesn't have any temperature monitor (maybe some other manfacturer has one?).

But, this one is controlled by telephone access.  So if your Router is hung or down you can still access the power control via phone call.

borgmemberAuthor Commented:
See above
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