Is it OK to stop/disable Windows Search on Windows 2003 Server

My Windows 2003 Server c: drive free space keeps going down each day due to increasing CIFILES in the ALLUSERS/APPLICATION DATA/MICROSOFT/SEARCH/DATA/APPLICATIONS/WINDOWS/PROJECTS/SYSTEMINDEX/INDEXER/CIFILES.

Each day a new CIFILE is either created or enlarged.

I need to stop the constant eroding of my disk space.

I am a relatively new IT director here and this server PREVIOUSLY served as an EXCHANGE server, as well as a WEB SERVER.  But those responsibilities have long since been contracted out to dedicated host services.    

Googling suggests these files are generated by the WINDOWS SEARCH service. I don't know if WINDOWS SEARCH offers benefits to remain on, but it is certainly stealing away disk space.

Currently all this server is used for is as a backup device for another server.  Each night I copy over files from IMPORTANT SERVER to this server, and then use this server's Digital Tape backup system to backup the files (IMPORTANT SERVER no longer works on DT backup device)>

My question ... is it OK to turn off the WINDOWS SEARCH service ... what ramifications might I have, if any.
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it exchange doing it, right click my computer and pick manage and then service
 stop and disable Microsoft Search (Exchange) and Microsoft Exchange Search Indexer services.
Delete CI files (you may delete everything in the folder
make sure you disable the service and you will not get any more files.
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