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Outlook 07 - creating rules (rules not working)

Hi, in my email I create rules so I can filter out spam but latley they are not working. I was wondering if anyone knows any solutions.

For example, I have a folder titled "adds" and whenever I get an advertisment in my inbox I create a rule to send that message (and all future messages from that email address) to the adds folder, that way when I want to see the recent adds maybe once per week, I just go to that folder to view them, and that way it doesnt clutter up my inbox which has more important messages in it.

I create a rule and hit "run this rule now" and it will send that message to the adds folder however when I get a new email from the same address, it will keep it in my inbox and wont move it to the adds folder even though I set a rule up.

I right click it and once again create a new rule to send it to the adds folder, and it moves that message again to the adds folder, but if I get another email from the same address, it does the same thing.

If I click Tools then Rules and allerts, I see all the rules I created, and many of them have the same name with (1)...(2) next to them because I created the same rule multiple times. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this?

Last year I deleted all my rules and started over, but it didnt help. Any sugestions?
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1 Solution

The could some of the possible reasons for Rules to not work, kindly check against each of them.

1. From Address Changes: You created a rule by right clicking on a message, where you selected the From checkbox but the underlying email address changes every time. To fix this always use the email address and not the display names.
2. To Address Changes: You might created a rule to check for sent to option, but the spammer must be using BCC to sent communication to you.

I have following suggestions while creating rules:

1. Always create simple rules - eg. use sender's email address not worrying about recipient address (unless you want to ignore all CC & BCC mails)
2. Always validate/ create rules using advanced options.
3. Stop processing further rules: If you believe no other rules should impact the decision of this email then choose stop processing more rules

Please check and do let us  know if any further help is  required.

hydrive1902Author Commented:
I deleted all the rules and tried re creating them and it still messes up on some of them and even after duplucate rules are created, upon rebooting the program they do not process. I guess a corrupt file is the only thing I can think of that would cause it.
hydrive1902Author Commented:
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