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When working with an object in PowerPoint (2010), how do you get the text in that object, to scale with the object itself?

For example, suppose you select a rectangle from the Shapes option in the Insert menu then click somewhere in the PowerPoint window to place the rectangle in the slide.  You can then immediately begin typing to enter text into the object.  Now suppose you have entered whatever text you desire and have adjusted the size and shape of the rectangle as well as the size of the text so that everything looks just as you want.

However, suppose you copy/paste that same object to the next slide but in this case, you want it to be much smaller, say 30% of its original size.  How do you make that change in size so that the text in the rectangle will shrink down as well?

In my PowerPoint, the text maintains its font size regardless of the object size and therefore spills out into the surrounding area outside of the object.

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MinoDCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right button on the form and select Properties. Now select the "Text Box" and set "Shrink Text On Overflow."
 Now there are two cases:
 1) If the form allows the size of the original text, this will remain the same.
 2) If the form fails to contain the text that gets smaller.

 The image of my pp is in Italian, but you will need to understand the item to select
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