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ASP on WinCE5 IIS - connect to SQL Compact v3.5

We have some ASP code running on a WinCE 5 device with IIS. The ASP-app is connecting to a SQL Compact database (.sdf). The code is as follows:
Set cn = CreateObject("ADOCE.Connection.3.1")
 Set rs = CreateObject("ADOCE.Recordset.3.1")
 cn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.SqlServer.Mobile.OleDb.3.0; Data Source=\Flash Storage\database.sdf; SSCE:Database Password='12345'"
 rs.Open "SELECT * from table", cn

After we upgraded the SQL Compact file to v3.5 we are not able to connect anymore. We tried changing the provider to Microsoft.SqlServer.Mobile.OleDb.3.5 and also Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Client.3.5 , but we get the error
 Parse error in script
ASP scripting compilation error: '800a0e7a'
Description: ADO could not find the specified provider.
We tried installing the following files:
but still same error. Are we installing the correct files? and is the connection string correct?

1 Solution
kbjornstAuthor Commented:
Solved it! Used provider Microsoft.SQLSERVER.CE.OLEDB.3.5 and installed


worked great!

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