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We have multiple distribution groups created within Active Directory.  These are restricted in the Exchange General tab - Message Restrictions options where we have 'Only From:' selected and have added in the only people who can email to these groups.  However, a user has just left the company and was able to send to those distribution groups when they didn't have access to do so.  So my question is, how were they able to send so I can ensure this doesn't happen again?

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pwindellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to make sure that exactly what you think happened actually happened.

Send to that Group yourself using an account that should not be able to. You need to verify that this is something that is consistent and repeatable.

If all the allowed users are from within your system you can also check the check box that say that it must be from Authenticated Users.  
Randox_LaboratoriesAuthor Commented:
You are correct.  My mistake.  I checked the permissions of each of the Distribution Groups the user sent emails too and the only group he was able to send to was the IT Dept group which I am in, so therefore I got the email but members of the other groups wouldn't have.

Thanks for helping me realise this!!! :)
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