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I was reading about the architecture of window azure. It is mentioned that the windows azure platform contains 2 parts - cloud based computing and storage.

Can I say that cloud based computing means doing programming for making a system and storage is to store the data into some data source.

Kindly advice

Karan Gupta
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compute and storage means programming the code in the cloud and run it in the cloud.

You can write an application in cloud and save it there, and it will store and run the custom applications in cloud. Further the generated output will be stored and acceded from the cloud.
Thus no one can change the code further it can be shared and used by other clients if allowed.
Except that it’s stored in the same environment as your Compute instance(s), meaning that you don’t pay for data transfer to and from the Compute and Storage.  You only pay for data transfer in and out of Azure itself.  

"Microsoft frees the partner to develop value-added cloud services without having to wrestle with the complexities and costs of scale-out compute and storage"
The term Cloud is used as a metaphor for internet
Cloud based computing is what we will be dealing in most of the time. Google Apps is one of the main example of Cloud Computing. The benefit is that you dont have to rely on your own IT Infrastructure and you access the services available in the cloud. Like in google apps you dont need a mail server setup etc everything will be taken care off by google, you will pay for the services. Same is the thing for MS Products, you will pay to use office products online which would require no installation on client machines for MS Office Products.
The best part about cloud computing is that its always available and around the world. Even if you are traveling and you have an internet connection, you are as good as in your office :)
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KaranGuptaAuthor Commented:
Hi Shahzoor

Thanks for the response. Please see this link
In the above there it is mentioned that there are parts of windows azure i.e. compute and storage. I actually want to know what is compute here means or in other words what it does

Karan Gupta
Allen FalconCEO & Pragmatic EvangelistCommented:
Think of Computer being the server and Storage being the NAS or SAN.  Compute runs the applications; Storage holds your programs and data.
Manoj PatilSr. Software EngineerCommented:
Hi Check the following Document Link

Cloud Storage for Cloud Computing
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