RPC Server is unavaiable

We have 2 site

eg: site A and site B

Site A :has 2 servers 1)primary Dc and 2)additional DC

Site B :has 1 server:Additional DC

when i run dcdiag on PDC iam geting the following error:"The replication generated an error :<1722> the RPC server is unavailable"

and when i replicate from ADSS , ntds setting iam getting an error please find the screen shot for the same

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Check you can resolve by hostname and also take a look at this link similar issue http://serverfault.com/questions/207000/the-rpc-server-is-unavailable-when-replicating-domain-controllers
What errors report
dcsiag /all

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Darius GhassemCommented:
Post dcdiag
As per your error logs I can firmly say that it is a network / Firewall / Router issue. Please do a tracert to know where exactly you are loosing data packets. However if you run repadmin /replsummary on any DCs it will give you exact errors. Errors like 58, 1722, 1753, 1256. If you get 8524 then think that DNS incorrect configuration (missing records, zones, etc). Make sure that all the DCs connected physically with each other. Also run this command from problematic DC to check RPC port is in listening state or not. Command:  telnet replicating patnet DC name 135 (example: telnet DC1 135). Once you execute this command is port is listening state you will see blank screen.
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