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Disabling OWA

Dear Members,
                       We are using Exchange server 2003 in our organization. Now our requirement is to disable the OWA access to all the users in the organization. What is the best way to stop all the users not to access exchange using OWA.
2 Solutions
Best way disable OWA apllication on IIS.

OR vbscript:

'" Disables Exchange Server 2003 OWA, IMAP4 and POP3 for the specified OU in the default domain
'" usage: cscript disableowaimappop
'‘ values for the ProtocolSettings Exchange attribute that can be modified.
'‘ HTTP§0§1§§§§§§ = disabled
'‘ HTTP§1§1§§§§§§ = enabled
'‘ IMAP4§0§1§4§ISO-8859-1§0§1§0§0 = disabled
'‘ IMAP4§1§1§4§ISO-8859-1§0§1§0§0 = enabled
'‘ POP3§0§1§4§ISO-8859-1§0§§§ = disabled
'‘ POP3§1§1§4§ISO-8859-1§0§§§ = enabled

dim usrstring
Set ObjOU=GetObject("LDAP://OU=IT,DC=mamado,DC=test,DC=com")
For Each User in ObjOU
usrstring = "LDAP://CN=" & user.get("cn") & ",OU=IT,DC=mamado,DC=test,DC=com"
Set ObjUser=GetObject(usrstring)
ObjUser.Put "protocolSettings", Array("HTTP§0§1§§§§§§", "IMAP4§0§1§4§ISO-8859-1§0§1§0§0", "POP3§0§1§4§ISO-8859-1§0§§§")

Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
I don´t remember if has an option to disable them, but if stop virtual Exchange site on IIS, users can´t access to OWA.
Pros: fastest, easy to rollback
Cons: Exchange virual site is down.

Another way may be using an script to disable OWA access to all users.
Pros: Exchange virtual site is UP
Cons: more complex

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