email settings in server 2007


i need to check if our outbound exchange email is sent via

I remember setting this up a long time ago but have totally forgot now. iis this a setting in the exchange manager?

any help greatly appreciated
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mikeewaltonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open the exchange management console, Under Org Config, click on Hub Transport.

Jump over to the send connectors tab, find the default connector, probably listed as something like "internet", click on the properties of it, click on it's network tab.

"Route Mail through the following smart host"  should be selected, with
the listed in the box.
This configuration is tested to work, but is not officially supported by Microsoft.
 1.Enable Outbound Security on SMTP Virtual Server. a.Obtain properties of SMTP Virtual Server.
 b.Go to the Delivery tab.
 c.Click Outbound Security and select TLS Encryption.
Telnet the stmp server
>telnet 25
it will show you Connected to

open the Exchange system Manager --- go to Default SMTP virtual Server --go to properties --- go to Delivery -- go to Advanced -- Check the Fully-Qualified domain name  
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