slow performance nas device iscsi

I have vpshere 4.1 with one dl 380 g6, with 2 146 gig disks in raid1 and 3 300 disks in raid 5. all  running smootly on a cisco catalyst 2960 switch.All are gigabit.

I also have a qnap 459 pro plus and netgear ready nas ultra 6, with jumo frames enabled (also tried to disable).

When I want to make a backup via vmprotect (acronis) and I select all the vms (4 of 40 gig). I see a throughput of max 3, 4 mb per second. I cannot get a higher backup (30 mb ??)

I tried to make the qnap/netgear an iscsi device and backed up to the local drive and also backed up via networkshare; no difference.

On this DL380 G6, there is a BBWC 512 mb installed, with physical write cache and also read 25/write 75%. Also after enabling this physical write cache, my acronis fails everytime.

Still I get the same performance. Ideas ?
thisis_itIT ManagerAsked:
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Most likely you are using sata drives on the NAS and the IOPS is just not there.  If you are getting 30mb/s you are getting 1.8GB/minute which is pretty good for a NAS with SATA drives.
QNap 459 Pro+ is clearly claiming for 100MB/s write throughput (Raid5 through FTP)

Although are the vSphere network params optimized for 1Gb/s LAN ?

Can you try some test ?
-Try to backup to a local extra drive (or USB one) and get the write throughput, may be this is a READ throughput problem instead of a write one ?
-Try the same test using another low level copier like Supercopier
-Try to backup to your NAS from another server/pc (although using Supercopier)
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