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I support 700 workstations with Quadro 4000 video cards.  They require a certified driver to operate a program we run here called Catia.  I have been able to automate the installation of the driver however the installation requires a certain setting in the Nvidia 3d control panel. I looked into ways using a profile but i am having trouble making this work in the windows 7 environment.  
are there any command lines that work with nvidia drivers and win 7

here is a vb example I have been playing with
Option Explicit
Dim objshell
Dim bwaitonreturn
bWaitOnReturn = True
set objshell = createobject("") "rundll32.exe C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\nView\nview.dll, nViewCmd loadprofile TV all",,True

I also tried bat files but have been unable to get the profile to set the 3d settings i need.


Mick Martin  
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Mainstream companies like nVidia usually store these settings in the registry.  So you could use REGMON to monitor the registry while making the change to find the setting.  Then it's just a matter of using your favorite way to modify the registry.  Let us know if you need further details or clarification.
Micko210Author Commented:
thanks kbirecki,
here is the tool that works with Windows 7

I will keep you posted as to the results
Good deal, and thanks for pointing out the the update to the utility.
Micko210Author Commented:
Ok so I was able to view the setting that were being changed and capture them.  Put them in an msi that i will deploy after the driver install.

thanks for your help
Micko210Author Commented:
perfect help got me in the right direction.
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