Recipient Filtering not working in Exchange 2007

I have enabled the Exchange Recipient Filtering and added an address, sent an email from the email that was setup in the Recipient Filter to be blocked and the mail is still getting to end user. I have verified the configuration from the Exchange Shell and all information looks good.  Help with this would be very much appreciated.


Info from exchange:
Name                       : RecipientFilterConfig
BlockedRecipients          : {}
RecipientValidationEnabled : True
BlockListEnabled           : True
Enabled                    : True
ExternalMailEnabled        : True
InternalMailEnabled        : False
AdminDisplayName           :
ExchangeVersion            : 0.1 (8.0.535.0)
DistinguishedName          : CN=RecipientFilterConfig,CN=Message Hygiene,CN=Tra
                             nsport Settings,CN=CalhounCitySchools,CN=Microsoft
Identity                   : RecipientFilterConfig
Guid                       : fc23bda8-e798-41c8-8fe0-60cf497f2b20
ObjectCategory             :
ObjectClass                : {top, msExchAgent, msExchMessageHygieneRecipientFi
WhenChanged                : 10/17/2011 10:26:24 AM
WhenCreated                : 7/7/2009 10:36:23 AM
OriginatingServer          :
IsValid                    : True
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Em ManCommented:
Not sure if you came across with this link:

For a good start:

Please run following command on the internal relay Accepted domain:
Set-accepteddomain –identity –addressbookenabled $true

For your reference:
Did you install Exchange anti-spam agents ?

Did you restart Exchange Transport service after that ?
rburneyAuthor Commented:
I am sure the Anti-spam agents are installed because in the GUI i see the Antispam tab and i have entered in the email address i need to block. I just simply want to block a single email address from sending to our users.
rburneyAuthor Commented:
ok i got the filter working i was editing the wrong group in the gui. But is there a way for exchange to just delete the message and have the user sending the message think it was sent correctly. Right now when i send with my test account i get a NDR telling me sender denied. I would not like for the user i am blocking to know that we are blocking there email address.
But is there a way for exchange to just delete the message and have the user sending the message think it was sent correctly.
>> Yes
Exchange Transport Rules
See the screenshot guide here

In the actions tab, you would want to select - Drop Message Silently.

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