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Hello to everyone.
We have Networker 7.6 SP2.

I tried to set the Schedule on the first weekend of the month, but I can't keep it all in the same week.

I set up this way: (view image)

WeekEnd Schedule
 I also tried:

 full second friday every month
 full second saturday every month
 full second sunday every month

 But for a few months is good for others are not (are not all in the same weekend).

 Is there a way to do this, eg.: Use the IF, or something like "first full weekend every month"

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MinoDCConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Not really,look here:

The schedule on the first weekend of the month, is divided into 3 schedules.

The first, for each First Friday;
The second, for every First Saturday;
The third, for each first Sunday;

They are divided into three, because the servers are many, and consequently backup operations are spread over three days, to share the load.

Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Silly question but isn't the first full weekend of the month always the days following the "first friday of the month" or "first saturday of the month" depending upon whether you want it to start friday or saturday?

I'm not sure I see how the first full weekend of the month comes into it otherwise... i.e. this is just really needed to schedule for the first friday night / saturday in the month ??

or is the issue that you are trying to get it to do jobs across friday, saturday, and sunday?

MinoDCAuthor Commented:
There has been a solution ... The problem is still there.
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