Failed to connect to Sybase IQ remotely


I just built a new Sybase IQ database and was able to connect within the server.  However when I tried to make a connection from another computer.  I was failed to log in.  The error message was wrong user id and password, but I can use the same credential to log in if I connect within the server.  I have turned off the firewall, so it should have nothing to do with the firewall.

Do I need to enable some property of the database or add some permission to the user so as to enable remote log in?  Thanks.
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Joe WoodhouseConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
You need to specify the connection details. Usually for IQ you'd create an ODBC data source on every machine you want to connect from. This uses the ODBC driver that would have shipped with your IQ. In that data source you'd specify the connection details of your IQ server, which generally just means IP hostname and an IP port. These obviously have to match how your server has been setup. :)

The Quick Start manual has a chapter on setting up an ODBC data source: 
thomaszhwangAuthor Commented:
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