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Utilizing unpatitioned space from Raid5 group

I have server running W2K8 32bit configured with 4 x 2TB drives configured in Raid 5. I also have a 5th Hdd but this one is standalone and not part of the raid. Within the raid configuration, I have partitioned off 100GB for OS and, when looking in disk manager, I see the 100GB  partition, and another two unallocated partitions, one being around 1.9TB and the other about 3.5TB.  Not sure why these are two seperate partitions as I wold have idealy want one large space. But when going to create the new partition in disk manager, the 1.9TB is no problem but the 3.5TB is all grayed out with the exception of properties and Help. Ideally I would want one great big partion with all the unallocated space but if thats not achievable, then how do I get the 3.5TB partition allocated.
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You might have to do that through the RAID manager software. Do you have said software installed on the server?
DATABAXAuthor Commented:
Yes I do have a Raid Manager installed, very basic I must say, but all that gives me is the 4 dives and max space is allocated to the VD
You need to convert the disk from an MBR disk to a GPT disk. MBR only supports disk sizes of up to 2 TB. Also, the Windows boot partition has to be on a Disk that doesn't exceed 2TB. Within diskmanagement you should be to change from MBR to GPT. If the option isn't available to convert to GPT, then your Server hardware doesn't support EFI, or the disk is the same one on which you are booting from. If that is the case you have to approach this differently. You will need to setup two raid volumes within your RAID controller setup (one volume can be the 100GB you allocated to the partition in your current setup for example). And the other Volume can be allocated the rest of the space. When the array is split into 2 Volumes they will be shown as separate HD's to the OS, and not as one HD with several partitions. You should then, when installing the OS (or later), have the option to use the 2nd "HD" as a GPT disk, and then you will have the full capacity available.
Darius GhassemCommented:
I still like the idea of splitting large partitions into smaller manageable partitions.

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