Navision 2009 Webservices - Another user modified the record

I am trying to update a Purchase order via webservices (published Purchase Order page).
I read the PO, "ReOpen the PO" by extending web-service to  reopen, read the lines in PO and modify several lines .
The problem is the last bit, when I update the PO calling Service.Update() gives me the error - "Another user modified the Purchase order ..."
What am I doing wrong?
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Do you have the visual studio code you are trying to run available?
In Navision you will get this error if you update an "old" instance of the record. It happens when you have two variables pointing to the same record.
I do not think it is related to the webservice call directly.
I expect it is a problem in the NAV code executed by the webservice call.
I would have your NAV consultant look at the problem.
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