Exchange Server vs Lotus Domino server?

Hello EEs,

I have to setup a email solution for my company with around 100 email users.

Kindly suggest benefits for choosing best email server in aspect of cost, administration & setting up,

Most of the email users are going to be Web based & Outlook,

awaiting for your earlier reply,

Many thanks in advanced...
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doninjaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All the reviews are valid and good resources but as a purely personal evaluation of the pluses of each system relating to your 3 elements.

Tighter Integration to other Microsoft products OS, Office, Outlook 2010. (Domino requires DAMO)
Native Integration with Active Directory within Domain. (Domino has Tivoli Directory Integrator)

Lotus Domino.
Express server per user licensing, includes multiple servers and clusters. (Exchange seperated into server and user cal)
Operating System Neutal, can install on older Windows servers, Linux or IBM i systems.
Lower hardware requirement for comparitive medium size company mail capacity.
Expansion to provide more than just mail with no additional software requirement, only license upgrade form Messaging to Collaboration.
Still the industry leading replication system between servers or to local machines (Laptops).

Both systems provide access via mobile phones and blackberry via the relevant software.
Both provide Web access.
Both are reliable systems when setup correctly.

Administration of any system is always subjective as it depends what you know.
If admins are heavily into linux systems then domino on linux is easier to administrate than exchange on windows for them as an example.
Both systems on Windows are easy to administrate after suitable training if setup correctly in the first place.

lot of informations to compare exchange to lotus notes here :

and by lotus side :

As your user base is too small, it is not advised to go with your own server setup. Minimum hardware requirement and costs will be same for up to 1000 users, also server license etc will cost you many more thousands.

You can try any cloud based options like Lotus Live, BPOS or Google etc. In this solutions you don't need t manage any hardware, software etc. Also this can be cheap also.

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dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
@ ingetic : thanks for your links, pls share more links to compare indept,

@ sijvuijayan: as a company policy we need to host all server in-house, but which OS + version will fulfill our need,

Our basic need is web email + remote logins from different sites (thinclients / terminal server..need advice..) & we dont want to spend $ on buying email clients like Outlook...any web based email solution would be great,

Kindly advice to choose the best product & why I should choose.

many thanks in advanced...
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:

> Most of the email users are going to be Web based & Outlook,

Even with this, Domino still wins when actual costs are compared. Most studies also show lower costs of administration.

Especially with DAOS becoming available, Domino 8.5 is far ahead in lower storage costs.  I think the best resource is$file/Domino85-vs-Exchange2010.pdf
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Ah, we agree, on the resource ;-)
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
thanks to all of you experts for your valuable replies....

kindly share the approx cost of server, client licenses for ms exchange+outlook client & Lotus Domino + Notes?

any other links to compare more would be great help.......

thanks in advanced....
For costs I would recommend contacting a local IBM and Microsft reseller in case there is any local differences.

For Domino you will just need IBM Lotus Domino Messaging Express. Based on Total number of users registered on server.
That will entitle you to install Domino Server on mutliple servers on multiple OS.
Lotus Traveler for Mobiles
Lotus Sametime for instant messaging
IBM connections for Files
Lotus Symphony client suite
Lotus Notes Client for various client OS
Lotus DAMO client for Outlook.

For Exchange you will need a couple of license products depending on expected config ant reiliency.
Each server will require a license either Exchange standard or Exchange Enterprise.
You will need Windows server License and at Enterprise/Datacentre if replciation or resiliency required.
Every Client that connects will need an Exchange user CAL license and also a Windows 2008 Cal License.
The Exchange client will need to be Enterprise level if you may require  Journaling, Voicemail, Archiving.
Generally need to plan how much resiliency and what future possible requirements including legal retention are needed before setting the cost.

Note that with Domino Express licensing, you can use as many servers as you want. Express licensing is very handy for not so big companies up to 1000 employees.  Also note that the the license continuation costs are very much lower than initial investment. full collaboration license somewhere around $160, but renewal around $40...
Ack forgot; $s per user per year
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
thanks to all you experts for your valuable comments ...i am just evaluating all said products...

give me a day or 2...will update accordingly...

many thanks.....
Exchange costs:
1 Exchange server: $700, 1 Windows 2008 Server:  $1000, 100 CALs for Exchange: $6700, 100 CALs for Windows Server $3800:
total cost for Exchange per year: $12200 /year

Domino costs:
100 Domino Collaboration Express : $16000 1st year, $4000 other years.

So after 2 years, Domino is cheaper.  And A list of all the extras that come with Domino, wich would be extra on Microsoft: Plus that the Domino License comes with entitlement to Sametime (corporate IM) that's extra for Microsoft. Plus Tivoli Directory Integrator 7.0 software for integrating with other Directories like LDAP, Active DIrectory, very versatile. Plus limited use entitlement to IBM WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment 6.1 software, so you can build Websphere apps to serve up Domino data. Plus Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 software for mobile access to mail and calendar. IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0 software, for all your Word processing, Spreadsheet and presentation needs. Plus limited use entitlement to IBM Connections 3.0.1 software, giving you shared File libraries and social Profiles.
@lars also add to the list that with Express Collaboration you can have multiple servers in a cluster :) Ed B got that added in this year.

Also an addition that is not obvious on the basic entitlement page is that all Lotus Notes Express Licenses can install QuickR Entry on the server for personal file sharing. It's QuickR without the team pages. Equivelant to sharepoint foundation.
Plus IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition 9.1 for Domino so they have enterprise level database functionality if required.

@Doninja: the DB2 entitlement is only for use with Domino, as in supporting either the now deprecated DB2BNSF (Storing NSF in DB2) or as part odf WebSphere or Sametime.
In my view the Connections:Profiles and Connections:Files trump the QuickR entry greatly.
@lars just seen that, I was getting versions of DB2 mixed, apologies to all.
status update please!
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
sorry for delay reply....

will update you by tomorrow.
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
Okay...sorry once again for not to reply in time..

@ larsberntrop : would go for Express only ...but how domino licenses works...first yr $16k, other 4k..separated with domino & notes for each (pls share any license page link)

@ doninja : kindly brief (Express server per user licensing, includes multiple servers and clusters. (Exchange seperated into server and user cal)) how licenses works on each physical & virtual server
Domino Licensing is based upon the number of Users in your Lotus Domino domain. i.e. authenticating Users. This same user directory is used by all participating servers and the license is also therfore shared. Each of these licesned users can use Lotus Notes, can access the Lotus Domino servers and has the other addon entilements as listed previously. No addional licensing required.
Accessing a Domino server does not require any Windows User CAL's as there is no direct Windows user Authentication required. You can integrate with a Windows Domain and Active Directory if you want to but it is not a pre-requisite of using the system.
Running on Linux there is no server license required of any type.
This includes clustered servers that can be located on different hardware, different OS and even different locations. A domino cluster is totally hardware independent, only requiring a network link to transfer data between them as it is updated.
On license cost best to check with IBM online, or a business partner to get your local rates but as Lars suggested the renewal cost is significantly reduced, usually around 25% of the initial cost.

Exchange server requires a server specific license for each server, plus a Windows server license for each server, plus auser CAL for each authenticated user accessing the exchange server, plus a Windows Server CAL for each authenticated user you add to the Active Directory that is a pre-requisite for Exchange. User licenses are shared between all of the servers in the same domain but not the individual server license.  . (4 total licenses)
To get the equivelant to Domino Express you will need Windows Server Enterprise/Datacenter to have Mailbox Resiliency active. You would only need Enterprise Standard for the Number of users you suggest. Exchange User CAL is not either standard or enterprise. Every user must have standard CAL and then if Enterprise facilities required (Archiving, legal retention, searching) then the Enterprise User CAL is purchased in addtion to standard. A bit confusing really and suggest talking to a Microsoft Licensing expert on that.

larsberntropConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Link to Notes and Domino Licensing

link to Notes and Domino Express licensing

Note that IBM Express licensing is for "small" (<1000 licensed users) licensing models.

The advantage of Domino Express licensing is you pay a per-user fee, the first year you pay initial license+maintenance (IBM list $160), after that a much lower yearly maintenance fee (IBM list $41.50).  If you do not pay the maintenance fee, you do not get acces to new updates, but are still licensed to use the code you bought.
If you then want to reinstate maintenace, you pay a onetime reinstatement fee, which is slightly more than two maintenance fees (IBM list $89).
link to nice overview of fees by Gemini systems

The difference between MS and IBM is that if you buy stuff from IBM, you are allowed to keep using it.
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