Connecting Android to Exchange

I have had reas good luck so far with this. I followed a post in here that showed me how to change my ISS server to allow the "Exchange Active-sync" to work, and it does -quite well for Android and I-phones.

I now have a user with Android Version 2.3.4, and a Samsung Galaxy S II that will not connect.

I get it all setup and I get:

"...Unable to connect. Try again with Network Providers Default APN"

If I am understanding what an APN is, I believe it is correct. Other than the version on the phone being different, I can't see why this is failing.

Is there a limit on the Exchange Server (Server 03) that limits the number of connections that might cause a problem?

Thanks in advance for your support!
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Sounds like the problem is with the user device side. Have your user try using wifi. Not sure if ATT intentionally block exchange for user that did not pay for enterprise.
APN is this.
Are you trying to connect to Exchange with mobile data or via wifi?
Madan SharmaConsultantCommented:
r u able to use internet on your phone. its clearly showing that there is with your APN means your internet access gateway.
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RKoonsAuthor Commented:
The user in question is using the mobil network, not WIFI. Also, the provider is AT&T, and he does have internet, but not the "Enterprise Package"

RKoonsAuthor Commented:
We'll do...

I will update once the user gets the info and tries the WiFi
RKoonsAuthor Commented:
The problem seems to have solved itself...

The user said that he did have a Blackberry and now an Android and that maybe the provider had not changed his account yet.

Anyway, he tried again, and the connection went through.

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