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I have a Novell Netware server that has IPX network protocol on it.  Since we have upgraded a handful of machines to Windows 7 I found out the win7 does not support IPX.  I understand that netware 5.1 supports TCP/IP.  How can I implement IP on my netware 5.1 box?
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Load INETCFG from the NetWare console.  You'll go to two places in this utility:

     Confirm that LAN static routing is enabled and then press enter on the LAN Static Routing Table where you'll be able to add a default route (default gateway)
  Press ESC to save the changes (you'll need to do this two or three times).  Press Yes to update the database base if prompted.

Bindings where you'll press insert and add a TCP/IP binding to the network card that is already there.  The default frame type for TCP/IP is Ethernet_II.  You'll put your IP address and subnet mask into place here.  Press ESC to save the changes

Lastly, you'll need to re-initialize the system (the last command in the main menu).

Exit the INETCFG and at the system console type CONFIG to confirm you see your IP address as bound the the nic.

Unless the install of 5.1 was an IPX only install,IP should be installed by default.
at the console prompt just type config then hit return.

It should tell you what protocols and what the IP address is.

If IP is bound and all of the workstations are on the same subnet,then all you should have to do is to install the NW client piece for Windows 7 and browse for the network tree to connect to.

If you aren't all on the same subnet,then you will need to configure something called SLP and it get's a bit more complicated to configure from there.
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