Paypal IPN setup help

Hello Experts

I have made the script using Paypal PDT technique, its currently taking the payment from the
user and redirecting back to the website. I am also sending an confirmation email and showing
the thank you message on my website once they are back from the paypal.

This is working just fine. However the problem I have is with the IPN setup. I am unable
to figure out whether I would need to do the same thing on IPN handler page?

ie: if the payment is successful - update the order status, send confirmation email etc?

With IPN I cannot show the thank you message or the order summary on the page.

I am bit confused to what exactly I can do with these 2 techniques.

Please can you also advise the code I should use from the PDThandler.

I want to make a new page for IPNHandler.

Please advise

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newbie27Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Daira
Apologies - I just had a look into your attached file. It seems you are already using the above sample code.
You may want to check this out

dairaAuthor Commented:
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