ISCSI drive shows different content

I have an IOMEGA NAS configured with ISCSI.  I have configured an ISCSI share called "NAS-STORAGE" of 1TB
This is properly connected to a Windows7 PC, which is part of a domain.

Now I want to use "NAS-STORAGE" for file backup of my Server 2003 DC.
Suddently I notice that even if I can access this from both PC and server I don't see the same folders / content??
I need same folders to be accessible on both.
How do I configure this?

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You cannot configure it, NTFS is not a shared filesystem. What you are seeing when you look in folders is partially cached on the local machine so any writes by the other machine will not be seen. Since the master file table is cached when you write a file Windows will look in cache to find somewhere to write it, see what it thinks is free space and write it there not knowing that the other machine had already put something there. Hopefully you have not attempted to write to it from one of the two machines in which case it's unlikely to be seriously corrupted. If you have tried to write from both you might as well restore from backup now. You're not the first to try and you won't be the last, this gets asked about once per week here.

Shared filesystem software for Windows is available but I don't know of  cheap one, Quantum StorNext would likely be several thousand dollars for two nodes (I don't know as they don't list the price on the web).

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Oh, by the way, it's only because you're using block level storage, if you used CIFS / Windows file sharing on the NAS that would be fine.
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