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Why does my USMT 3.01 Restore keep failing

Doing a side by side PC replacement
Backup indicates it ran succesfully. The Restore process fails during request user state store. The certfix has been applied both to source & target PC's.  The specific error message that displays when the task sequence fails is "Task Sequence: Restore Test has failed with the error code (0x00004005).  Here are the RED lines in SMS Trace.

Error getting system isolation info. Code 8027000C      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:15:37 PM      296 (0x0128)
Remediation failed. Code 8027000C      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:15:37 PM      296 (0x0128)
Remediation failed with error code 8027000C      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:15:37 PM      296 (0x0128)

Then later:

SMP request to "SPUSCCM01.SPU.COS.LOCAL" failed with error: E_SMPERROR_STORE_NOT_READY_FOR_RELEASE (206)      OSDSMPClient      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      1912 (0x0778)
Request to SMP 'SPUSCCM01.SPU.COS.LOCAL' failed with error (Code 0x80004005). Trying next SMP.      OSDSMPClient      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      1912 (0x0778)
Failed to find an SMP that can serve request after trying 4 attempts.      OSDSMPClient      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      1912 (0x0778)
ExecuteRestoreRequestToSMP failed (0x80004005).      OSDSMPClient      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      1912 (0x0778)
ExecuteRestoreRequest failed (0x80004005).      OSDSMPClient      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      1912 (0x0778)
OSDSMPClient finished: 0x00004005      OSDSMPClient      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      1912 (0x0778)
Process completed with exit code 16389      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      296 (0x0128)
!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      296 (0x0128)
Failed to run the action: Request State Store.
Unknown error (Error: 00004005; Source: Unknown)      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      296 (0x0128)

Failed to run the action: Request State Store. Execution has been aborted      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      296 (0x0128)

Failed to run the last action: Request State Store. Execution of task sequence failed.
Unknown error (Error: 00004005; Source: Unknown)      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      296 (0x0128)

Task Sequence Engine failed! Code: enExecutionFail      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      296 (0x0128)
****************************************************************************      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      296 (0x0128)
Task sequence execution failed with error code 80004005      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      296 (0x0128)
Cleaning Up. Removing Authenticator      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      296 (0x0128)
Cleaning up task sequence folder      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      296 (0x0128)
File "D:\_SMSTaskSequence\TSEnv.dat" does not exist. (Code 0x80070002)      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:16:17 PM      296 (0x0128)

Error executing Task Sequence Manager service. Code 0x80004005      TSManager      10/12/2011 12:16:18 PM      296 (0x0128)

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1 Solution
Nagendra Pratap SinghCommented:
I guess this is due to you having a D: partition.

Please read http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Microsoft_Operating_Systems/Server/Systems_Management_Server/Q_24653370.html for details

HTH and let us know the outcome.
MahonyjpAuthor Commented:
OK I figured it out.  The problem was that the backup portion of the process had two tasks, Request State Store and Capture User State.  I needed to add a third task, Release State Store.  Once I did that and redid backup & restore the entire sequence of tasks worked.

Thanks for your assistance, though.
Nagendra Pratap SinghCommented:
MahonyjpAuthor Commented:
The answer was OK, but not relevant to the problem.

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