Acronis Tib Management on Version Enterprise Echo (Build 8, 076)


My question... Is there a smart way of managing\automating the clean up of task scheduled acronis created tib images to a NAS share?

Acronis Scheduled Tasks run ,and acronis dumps images (differentials) out to a NAS.
We are not aware of any inbuilt acronis methods of managing the amount of space these images take up, nor the amount of files\history of tibs it creates, or any method of rollover etc

Current Scenario:
What we do at the moment  is seperately run a batch file on the sever, executed to the NAS share.
It is similiar to the below,
forfiles.exe /m *.* /d -7 /c "cmd /c del /q @path"
Basically it works on the timestamp of the file, and works back by deleting files older by 7 days than the current time, so we get to keep a rolling 7 day amount of images.

We had a major problem when a NAS was rebooted and lost it's correct time, then files created as normal, however when the script ran (on the wrongly time stamped files) they were all deleted. Nice ;)

What we'd like:
However I'd like something more out of the box, that is more reliable not just based on timestamp, Is there a better way of doing this, without upgrading the software?


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You could number the files sequentially - create the next file and delete the lowest numbered file.
ggnttAuthor Commented:
I will try that.
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