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Windows CAL required?

Hey guys,

My company is going to buy a new server to run our software on that we create. It's a java web application. We want it to be placed on a Windows Server 2008. Just a clean install of the server OS with our application on it.

With our application we create a tomcat service. Then our cliënts can go to the site that's created with the tomcat to download our client application (it's a server-client application). On the server there will be also a postgres installed.

The application also takes files from a different file server (for connecting to the file server there are already CAL's). Do we need to buy CAL's for the new server where only a clean install of Windows Server 2008 is on installed and our application running a tomcat and postgres service?
1 Solution
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Are you talking about an internet facing server? your "Clients" Connect over the internet?
Darius GhassemCommented:
You shouldn't need more CALs but no one on EE is qualified to answer questions about a companies licensing agreements. What you should do is call MS clearing house for any questions about licensing to make sure you are properly licensed.

Here is a document to read over as well for licensing questions Win-Server-Lic-Book-customer-hi-.pdf
Silencer001Author Commented:
@Neilsr: They can connect over the internet. Most of the time they connect over the internal network. So I guess that I need to buy CAL's for each device that connects to it over the internal network.

@dariusq: When I look in the document on page 7. It says I need CAL's, but I'll contact MS about it. But it's a difficult setup to understand I guess, even for the people at MS :)

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