javascript errors

Why am I getting javascript errors? I have a "script.js" that is in the header of all my hTML files. Not every page uses every script, but that's okay, right? Totally confused. script.js attached.
<!-- dropdown nav -->

	$("ul.subnav").parent().append("<span></span>"); //Only shows drop down trigger when js is enabled - Adds empty span tag after ul.subnav
	$("ul.dropnav li").click(function() { //When trigger is clicked...
		//Following events are applied to the subnav itself (moving subnav up and down)
		$(this).parent().find("ul.subnav").slideDown('fast').show(); //Drop down the subnav on click
		$(this).parent().hover(function() {
		}, function(){	
			$(this).parent().find("ul.subnav").slideUp('fast'); //When the mouse hovers out of the subnav, move it back up

		//Following events are applied to the trigger (Hover events for the trigger)
		}).hover(function() { 
			$(this).addClass("subhover"); //On hover over, add class "subhover"
		}, function(){	//On Hover Out
			$(this).removeClass("subhover"); //On hover out, remove class "subhover"
	$('ul.subnav').mouseover(function() {
  $("li #top").addClass("selected");
	$('ul.subnav').mouseout(function() {
  $("li #top").removeClass("selected");


<!-- end dropdown nav -->


<!-- start slider -->

			prevId: 		'previous',
			prevText: 		'previous',
			nextId: 		'next',
			nextText: 		'next',
			speed: 		1200,
			pause:		6000,
			auto: false,
			continuous: true 
				if(event.keyCode == 37) $("#previous a").click();
				if(event.keyCode == 39) $("#next a").click();
<!-- end slider -->

<!-- Start colorbox -->
			//Examples of how to assign the ColorBox event to elements
			$(".group2").colorbox({rel:'group2', transition:"fade"});
			$(".group3").colorbox({rel:'group3', transition:"none", width:"100", height:"100"});
			$(".group4").colorbox({rel:'group4', slideshow:true});
			$(".youtube").colorbox({iframe:true, innerWidth:425, innerHeight:344});
			$(".iframe").colorbox({iframe:true, scrolling:false, width:"300px", height:"100%"});
			$(".inline").colorbox({inline:true, width:"600px"});
				onOpen:function(){ alert('onOpen: colorbox is about to open'); },
				onLoad:function(){ alert('onLoad: colorbox has started to load the targeted content'); },
				onComplete:function(){ alert('onComplete: colorbox has displayed the loaded content'); },
				onCleanup:function(){ alert('onCleanup: colorbox has begun the close process'); },
				onClosed:function(){ alert('onClosed: colorbox has completely closed'); }
			//Example of preserving a JavaScript event for inline calls.
				$('#click').css({"background-color":"#f00", "color":"#fff", "cursor":"inherit"}).text("Open this window again and this message will still be here.");
				return false;
<!-- End colorbox -->

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what javascript  error are you getting?
tekgrlAuthor Commented:
Internal Explorer Script Error

Line 45
Char 3
Object doesn't support this property or method
do you have a live site that we could look at ?
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A couple of things that I noticed.
$(this).parent().find("ul.subnav").slideDown('fast').show();<--you should not need the show, slideDown is already doing that for you.
$(this).parent().hover(function() {
		}, function(){	
			$(this).parent().find("ul.subnav").slideUp('fast'); //When the mouse hovers out of the subnav, move it back up
		});<--since you are not using the mousein function you should probably just do a .mouseout() instead of a hover

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tekgrlAuthor Commented:
Sorry, no live site to look at -- privacy issues.
Youre trying to debug with Internet Explorer ? ! ? ! ? Good luck ! ! !  Can I recommend MozilaThunderbird with Firebug addon - INVALUABLE.

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